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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are still probably the most recognisable of all blinds being very popular around the home – particularly in kitchens, bathrooms and commonly found in conservatories. They can be used to dress a window as well as being practical and functional i.e. black-out roller in a bedroom.

System Hardware

We use genuine Louvolite systems generally acknowledged as the leading hardware in the Industry, for which there are now cheap, imported copies of the system – not to be confused with the real thing! We use system 32 and system 45. The System 32 means it is 32mm aluminium slotted tube whereby fabric gets locked with insert strip into the tube and this System can cater for window widths up to approximately 2m. Beyond this the System 45 means 45mm aluminium triple slotted tube is used in the same way.


As standard all our Roller blinds are operated on a no. 10 nickel plated brass chain (chrome in colour). This will not tarnish or rust in moist environments.

On the System 45 we are able to offer an ‘easy lift’ option which makes the lifting of a large heavy Roller Childs play.


There are many different finishes with Roller blinds, from the plain and simple straight edge finish to various scallops and shapes with braids and trims to round or square eyelets.


All our Senses & Vision blinds come with year guarantee as standard.

Child Safety

The safety of all our blinds is very important to us and as members of the BBSA we recommend child safety products are installed on each and every blind where young children are in the household. This will be discussed at point of order, but is optional.

Senses Roller Blind

We now offer both the Eclipse Senses Slow-Rise Roller blind and the New Vision blinds. The Senses blind which looks like a standard Roller blind, but has a fabric covered aluminium fascia which covers the roll of fabric at the top of the blind. We can manufacture this with a side control chain as above, or you can have a traditional/ modern pull in the middle of the blind and use the ‘slow-rise’ spring which is exactly as it sounds. Once pulled the blind will raise slowly up to its resting place – no more springing back and jumping out of the brackets, like the old spring rollers!

The Vision Blind

The new Vision blinds are a unique and beautiful blind which allows you to have control the light entering your room whilst preserving the view. With the blind having two layers which move separately of one another you obtain either a closed or open impression whilst adjusting the daylight to suit the mood. Both blinds have proved very popular with our customers over the last two years and obviously both cater for child safety regarding the blind.


All our Senses Roller blinds come complete with a three year guarantee as standard.

Child Safety Our Number 1 Priority

At Sunrise Blinds, our biggest priority is ensuring that all our blinds are child friendly.

Child Safety