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Child Safety

New laws on window blind safety are backed by local company

SunRise welcomes new laws on window blind safety when they come into effect in 2014. We are a member of the British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA), which has campaigned for safer blinds and has worked with UK government and EU standards bodies to make child safety standards for new window blinds much more stringent.

The new regulations will make it illegal to sell or professionally install a window blind that does not meet the standards. The rules include maximum cord and chain lengths, the fitting of safety devices at the point of manufacture, products warnings, point of sale information and instructions on packing.

We fully support the new regulations and as well as ensuring all new window blinds we supply are compliant and are fitted correctly, we are also ready to help any customer who has existing window blinds with cords or chains. We can fit devices to make these safer!

Since 2009 the BBSA has worked tirelessly to educate consumers about window blinds with cords or chains which could form a hazardous loop and its ‘make it safe’ campaign is endorsed by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and Roal Society for Prevention of Accidens (RoSPA).

BBSA’s ‘make it safe’ campaign urges parents, grandparents and carers to:

  • Examine every blinds in the home, especially in children’s bedrooms. If any have a lopped control chain or cord then make sure there us a safety device to keep the cord or chain securely out of the reach of babies and young children. These safety devices are low-cost and are easy to retrofit, so you do not have to wait until you replace a blind to improve its safety.
  • Move cots, beds and any furniture away from windows and blinds – remember children love to climb.
  • When buying a new blind always look for one that does not contain cords or chains (for example a spring operated roller blind) or which has concealed cords especially for children’s bedrooms.

For more information, tips and advice on what to look for in new blinds and how to improve safety of your existing window blinds visit the website

We supply and install safety devices on all our blinds that contain looped cords or chains.